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    Rely On Our Expertise

    The Galaxy Pay team understands how to successfully process stored value transactions. With decades of experience in the payments industry, we can help you launch your gift card service.

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    Increase ROI

    Add a new revenue stream for your merchants, attract new customers, and socialize their brand.

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    Meet Customer Demand

    Consumers prefer gift cards. Four out of five people use gift cards - they remain the #1 gift choice year after year.


Galaxy Pay is an enterprise-grade white-label stored value service. It's primary use is prepaid (gift) card transaction processing. Our clients are resellers who wish to provide gift and loyalty services to their merchant base without having to develop, host and maintain the platform.

Secure & Reliable

Both Cardholders and Merchants can rest assured that their balances are safe with Galaxy Pay. Security and consistency are top priorities for us.

Super Fast

With our cloud-based service and ultra efficient platform, your transactions will be processed in milliseconds.

Developer Support

Our transaction processing RESTful API is about as simple and flexible as payment integration gets and we are here to help you succeed.

More Features

Look what Galaxy Pay can do for you


Give your merchants the power of a Loyalty program without having to integrate to the POS. Galaxy Pay's Auto-Loyalty makes it easy to incentivize gift card use, which drives return business and reduces your cost per transaction.

Virtual Accounts

Eliminate the need to print plastic cards. Electronically issue (QR) barcodes or allow account holders to identify themselves with a unique value such as a phone number or email address.


Make the platform appear as if you are providing the service by building your own customer-facing sites powered by Galaxy Pay's reseller API.

Write off Liability

Through the use of account expiration and dormancy fees, merchants can write off liability that would otherwise have to be kept on the books indefinitely. Local laws may dictate if, or to what extent, merchants may use these programs.


Even More Features

Going above and beyond other gift processors

  • CVV security matching
  • Void by reference number
  • Prevent duplicate transactions
  • Easily track promotional liability
  • Balance, decline, and duplicate transactions are free
  • Import existing cards and balances

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